that inspire you

to be yourself


greater value


Hello, I am

John Koch

My Passion

To inspire people, open new perspectives and release energy for a greater purpose.

To accompany people on the path of change motivating them to live out their unique, creative potential.

To give people space for a heightened awareness and awakening joy in life.

Core principles

behind my work

Love – the essence of life

Genuine care and acceptance, for you and who you are with undivided attention and open empathy.

Congruence- the power of change

To be connected with your true self to live out your potential for greater value.

Let go - to let come

Letting go of the past and recognising the unknown as a unique opportunity for positive change.

My commitment –

to walk alongside

We partner in reflective dialogues that will open new perspectives.

We co-create clarity and purpose in the aligning of your inner and outer selves.

We awaken curiosity and compassion to help you connect with yourself and your environment with understanding and empathy.

We make decisions in harmony with the heart and find ways for you that go beyond simply solving problems.

We look ahead to the future broadening your horizon and discovering new possibilities.

Are you interested - 

book an appointment

Use the appointment scheduler and book your suitable time slot. For other appointments, please contact me by email.

Clarification Session

We get to know each other, clarify your needs and discuss how we can work together on your goals and interests.

Contact address

lighthouse partnering

John Koch
Heusser-Staub-Strasse 30
8610 Uster